Even Financial Advisors Should Maximize the Sale of Their Business

You've helped tons of clients retire and sell their businesses, and now it may be time to take a dose of your own medicine.

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I 100% believe this is a great thing for our clients! It's obviously great for me too!

Anne M.

Independent Advisor, $800k Revenue, $107M AUM

Really appreciate you and am excited about the possibilities. I feel like a kid going to the zoo for the first time. Was so much I didn't really know and had only read about.

Ryan M.

Independent Advisor, $3.1M Revenue, $300M AUM

Thank you for being a Shepard in this process! Great to have someone alongside who actually knows how to fly the plane.

Chris B.

Wire House Rep, $3.3M Revenue, $655M AUM

Beyond imagination!. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You changed our lives!

Tim K.

Independent Advisor, $100M AUM

"I'll just sit back and wait for you to work your magic"

Peter R.

Independent Advisor, $2.5M Rev, $100M AUM

"Working with JPTD has been an unbelievable masters class on how to build a true business, find the right fit and maximize valuation. Just an awesome experience!"


"How have I not heard about you before?!"


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Just Imagine.

Most advisors believe that they've done well if they can sell their book for 2-3X recurring revenue. We understand as that's been the reality for the past 20 years. However, we are in different times today, and imagine being able to get 5x, 6x, or higher for your practice. Imagine not having to hunt down buyers. Imagine not having to worry about them getting funding or an advisor defaulting on you. And imagine the ability to take chips off the table, derisk your business, and continue to work as long as you'd like.