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Even Financial Advisors Should Maximize the Sale of Their Business

You have helped tons of clients retire and sell their own businesses, and now it is time to heed your own advice.

Why Choose JPTD Partners?

JPTD Partners is a boutique consulting firm with more than 140 years of combined experience. We are passionate about assisting financial professionals with maximizing the valuations of their practice when they are ready to sell part or all of their business. We work with various private equity and purchasing firms that specialize in the financial industry and mergers and acquisitions.


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"Really appreciate you and I am excited about the possibilities. I feel like a kid going to the zoo for the first time. Was so much I didn't really know and had only read about. Working with JPTD has been an unbelievable masters class on how to build a true business, find the right fit and maximize my valuation. Just an awesome experience"

Ryan M.

Independent Advisor, $3.1m Revenue, $300m AUM

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