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$13.7m Firm Brings In $94m Offer

Key Data

Top Line Revenue - $13.7m
EBITDA - $6.3m
AUM - $1.8b

High Level Offer Details

Full Acquisition 

$8.3m paid in cash at closing

$17m equity 

$8.3m advisory transition payment*

$14.6m brokerage transition payment**

$5.2m retention payment paid on 2nd anniversary 

$5.2m retention payment paid on 3rd anniversary 

$10.4m earnout payment paid on 4th anniversary***

$25m payable upon retirement****


*Assuming at least 95% advisory asset conveyance
**Assuming at least 95% brokerage asset conveyance
***Assumes a 10% CAGR
****Assumes a successor is in place

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