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$3.5m Hybrid RIA Brings In $21.5m

Practice Background

Our client is an ensemble practice with 3 financial advisors and 3 support staff with locations in two different states. They are a hybrid RIA with 90% of its revenue being fee-based (advisory and trails) and 10% being from alternatives and annuities. The lead advisor was handling primarily 1mm plus households and the other servicing advisors were handling the rest of the practice. The group was growing at a rate of 22%+ CAGR over the past 3 years.

The client's goals are:

  • To derisk at this time and take some chips off the table and align with a company that was growing rapidly.

  • To continue to work in the business for the next 10 years and get a second bite of the apple at retirement.

  • To provide upside and opportunity for the junior advisors and clear difficult operational items in the practice.

Client Objective

Top line revenue - $3.5m

EBOC - $1.8m

EBITA - $1.5m

AUM - $450m

# of clients - 450

5-year CAGR - 22%

Years in biz - 26

Key Data

Headline price - $21.5mm

  • Paid at time of closing:$8.2m cash
    $1m equity

  • Closing retention payments end of year 1:$3.2m

  • End of year 2 earn-out based on revenue retention:$2.9m

  • End of year 3 earn$6m

  • Ability to take up to 20% of upfront bonus in PE firm stock

  • W2 model with 35% payout and no expenses

  • Upon retirement, 50% of income paid for five years

All-In Offer* Highlights

*An All-In Offer includes any money paid upfront, signing bonus, salary and potential earn-outs based on growth. It does not include retirement or overrides on production. Assumes you hit all required transition, retention and growth expectations.

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